We will pick you up with our private AC mini-van from your hotel in Dahab. Then you will be transferred to...
We will pick you up with our private AC mini-van from your hotel in Dahab. Then you will be transferred to...
An adventure on a four wheels quad to discover the beauty of the sun set or sun rise in the desert, including tea at...
The PADI Open Water Diver course is a complete, carefully structured entry level scuba diving course designed to...



Q: I want to see St.Catherine and Mount Moses, but I don't plan to climb it. Can that be arranged, without having to leave so early in the morning?

A: Of course, there is no problem with arranging your trip according to your needs. Please, also check our offer for visiting the St. Catherine Monastery in the ‘Entertainment’ section.

Q: I am planning holiday in Dahab and would like to bok some excursions with you. What type of visa do I need to go to e.g Cairo or St. Catherine Monastery?

A: There are two types of tourist visas in Egypt.

- A Sinai only visa

– covers area of Gulf of Aqaba, Sharm , Dahab and St. Catherine Monastery.

- A whole Egypt visa

– necessary for trips to Cairo, Luxor, Ras Mohamed national Park...


Q: Are there any discount for students?

A: We do not have discount specially for students, but we offer 5% discount for a reservation of 3 activities or more. You can also collect a group of freinds or family to come over. If they are 5 people, you will join a chosen tour for free.


Q: I am interested in a camel ride. If I bring my son along who is 6, can he accompany me on the same camel or he has to go on his own?

A: Children older than 5 year-old can ride their own camels although your son can ride with you if wanted.


Q: Up to which age do you consider a child?

A: The age of a ‘child’ is till the 12 year-old.


Q; If I plan to go for a tour with you, but while in Egypt I get sick and unable to travel – will I receive the money I paid for a trip?



Q: As soon as I am in Dahab, how shall I contact you for payment etc.

A: Regarding booking excursions with our company and payment while you are in Dahab just call or e-mail us and our Rep. will meet you at your hotel to book your excursions and give you the vouchers then collect the money .


Q: I am visiting Egypt during Ramadan and wondering if this will effect any trips I may book?

A: In Ramadan all our excursions still are organized the same as in any part of a year.


Q: i am looking at the excursion to Petra. do we have to apply for a Jordanian visa for this day trip?

A: No, the visa to Jordon in a trip to Petra is included in the price and we will get it for all our guests .


Q: I am planning to book a trip to jerusalem with you guys ,but after the trip wish to stay in Jerusalem. Can you tell me if the price would be cheaper for one-way?

A: We do not offer one-way trips to Jerusalem nor to Petra as it is required by Egyptian law for all members of a traveling group to come back to Egypt.


Q: Please do have in mind that we request airport pick-up for all us 5. Do you have a vehicule for all together or it will have to be in 2 cars?

A: Thank you for your note. Of course, we considered to pick up 5 of you. You will travel in one car which is a air-conditioned mini-van.


Q: And in case we want to go to the dessert, do we need any clothing item that we might not think about it?

A: If you plan only 1-day excursion you will need light clothes, any head -cover and sun-crème as it is already very warm during the day and can be really hot soon. If you think about sleeping over in the desert you will need warmer stuff, jumpers or sweaters, sleeping bag if possible. In both cases very comfortable walking shoes are a must.


Q: Since going to Petra I was thinking we have to get a multiple entrance tourist visa to Egypt if we go to Petra and come back to Egypt. Is this correct? Although I am not sure if you can get a multiple entrance at the airport. Do you know if at the airport you can get visa for multiple entry?

A: As to visa issue you do not need a multiple entry Egyptian visa as soon as you will have a 'whole Egypt' visa, not 'Sinai only' visa. Then there is no problem with returning from Jordan to Egypt and our tour operator will take care of the issue. As well as for Jordanian visa it is available at the border in Aqaba and included in our tour price.


Q: I'm not staying in a hotel. Do you pick up from private residences?

A: Yes, we can pick you up from a private residency at requested time.


Q: I'd like a customized tour for myself and/or my group.

A: We offer a wide range of individual tours, events and attractions, We arrange customized tours. If you require something a little different to what's available online in our product range, please contact us via email.


Q: I have not received a reply to my emails.

A: Some email internet providers can mark general booking emails such as those sent from DahabExcursions.com as "spam" - please check your spam folder for previous email replies. If you have your spam filter set on the highest ranking, only emails from senders in your address box will go into your inbox. Any other emails (such as replies from internet sites you have booked on) will go into a "spam" folder. These emails can sit in this folder for up to 7 days and then your email system will automatically delete them.

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